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 Earth drill type enlarge bottom piling method

  • SYmethod
  • A bottom belling bucket enables expanded pile construction with a capacity of 5 times even at a narrow site.
  • HNDmethod
  • Our company can drill down to the bottom with a hydraulic expansion bucket to form enlarge bottom pile.

Cast-in-place concrete piling method

  • STBC-SRⅡ method
  • Placing of striking steel pipe and concrete piling method that demonstrates excellent earthquake resistance.

All casing extendend bottom pile construction method

  • SYmethod
  • The construction method that can buid an enlarged bottom pile without removing the existing building foundations, pile and then using the earth drilling machine.
  • GSBmethod
  • The construction method that can build up an enlarged bottom pile even in the support formation layer of soft rock and medium hard rock.

 Rotating drill steel pipe piling method

  • NS eco pile method
  • Eco-friendly, earthquake resistance construction method that includes large vertical support force and withdrawal strength.

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All casing enlarge bottom piling SY construction method

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